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Bright Eyes Lights

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Bright Eyes Lights makes a variety of coon-hunting lights that range in different voltages. These lights have a variety of burn times, some ranging up to 24 hours. These light fixtures fit into a helmet or strap to a belt, which makes it very convenient for the hunters. We also sell supplies for coonhounds and other hunting dogs. We carry hunting wear, marine radios, and artwork of a local artist, Robert Hickman. Bright Eyes Lights continue to research and improve their products. Their most recent innovation is a switch that allows their lights to run more efficiently and an added port on the side some of their lights that allow hunters to plug in a cell phone or other device.

Bright Eyes Lights pride themselves on providing innovative products supported by great customer service.

Wouldn't you love to replace your heavy, low burn time battery with a light weight, fit in the palm of your hand, LED light? If you do, browse our website and check out the variety of lights we have available.

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