Bright Eyes Lights Boots vs. Other Types of Hunting Boots

Ray Conrad

Posted on January 24 2022

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Proper footwear is essential when you’re out in the wild. Which means you can’t just wear any old boots when you go hunting. There are thousands of styles of boots on the market, and they all specialize in different applications. The terrain of where you’re hunting, what type of prey you’re after, and the season can all make a big difference in the kind of boots you'll want to wear.

Because of this, many hunters invest in multiple pairs of boots for different occasions. However, this can get pricey since a quality pair of boots isn’t exactly cheap. While it can be challenging to find the right pair of boots that’ll cover all your needs, it can save you a lot of money, time, and hassle in the long run.

Here at Bright Eyes Lights, we understand this struggle, which is why we created the Brushbuster Boots. Let’s take a look at the difference between our boots and other types of hunting boots you’ll find on the market.

What Makes a Good Hunting Boot?

The easiest way to compare different boots is by considering the most important features when you’re out on a hunting trip. Knowing what you’ll need in different applications can help you narrow down your choices. So what are the different situations or conditions you may run into while hunting, and what features do you need for each?

Weather Versatility

First, let’s discuss the weather. Most people believe that you need completely different pairs of boots depending on the time of year you’re hunting. With most types of boots, this is true. If you’re hunting in the spring or summer, you’ll want a lightweight, breathable boot to keep your feet from sweating or overheating. However, if you’re hunting in cold weather, you’ll need insulation to keep your feet warm. These are usually mutually exclusive, making it hard to find one pair that’ll work in both conditions.

This may not be a huge problem if you only hunt during one season. If that’s the case, Bright Eyes Brushbusters have you covered with either the Cougar or the Stealth boots. If you typically only hunt in warmer weather, the Cougar is exceptionally lightweight and breathable. If you mostly hunt in colder temperatures, the Stealth boots have extra insulation that keeps your feet comfortable in temperatures between -20° to 80° F.

But, the Brushbusters that excel over any other type of hunting boot when it comes to weather are the Dryshod boots. These boots have an insulated bootie that’ll keep your feet and toes warm and cozy during the winter months. They also have a breathable air mesh lining, which will keep your feet from overheating during the warmer seasons. With these boots, your feet will be at a comfortable temperature, no matter when you choose to hunt.


Blisters, stubbed toes, rolled ankles, and sore feet are always a concern when you’re hunting. While you may be able to find other types of hunting boots that solve one or two of these problems, it’s really rare to find a pair that offers all the comfort and support you’ll need.

Bright Eyes Brushbusters cover everything. First of all, they have a gel insole for ultimate comfort and arch support. The boots come up over the ankle, offering support and preventing rolling when you step wrong. They also have a reinforced toe cap to protect your toes if you trip or kick something. The design of these boots prevents blisters and chafing, allowing you to stay out on the hunt as long as you like.

Another bonus of the Dryshod boots is that they were designed for men with larger legs. The inner lining is extra flexible at the top, allowing you to pull these boots on easily and still get the proper fit for your feet.


The type of terrain you’ll be covering is one of the most critical factors to consider when choosing the type of boots you’ll need. If you’re hiking through forest, you’ll need different features than if you’re slogging through muddy terrain or water. Many hunting boots are really only designed for one or the other.

Muck or rubber boots are great for water crossings or muddy conditions, but they usually lack the extra traction necessary for mountain hiking, which leads most hunters to buy different pairs depending on where they’re hunting.

Once again, Bright Eyes Brushbusters have you covered. They’re made of flexible rubber that doesn’t stiffen in cold weather. You’ll be able to move your feet freely. They’re great at keeping out water and mud, and the rubber overlay adds extra strength and durability. The tough rubber outsole is designed to provide plenty of traction, whether you’re hiking in rough terrain or on a slippery surface.

Plus, Brushbusters come with chaps that’ll cover most of your leg. These chaps are 100% waterproof and, unlike some other brands, they won’t leak.


Besides just the ground conditions, you also need to think about the rest of the terrain and surroundings. For example, coon hunters are likely going to be making their way through thick brush and briars. Other hunters may end up in snake territory. Regular hunting boots likely won’t offer your legs any protection.

The chaps on the Brushbusters will. The outer layer is practically impenetrable, made of 1600 denier ballistic nylon. You won’t have to worry about scratching up your legs, pulling off sticky briars, or tearing up your pants. These chaps will protect you when you’re hiking through the brush. They’re also tough enough that it's doubtful anything would be able to bite through them. Plus, you can easily fold them down, so they’re out of the way when you don’t need them.

Best Hunting Boots

Any other type of hunting boot comes up short when you compare it with Bright Eyes Lights boots. Between the three different styles, Bright Eyes Brushbusters cover all the bases. These high-quality hunting boots will be the only pair you’ll ever need.

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