Introducing Viper Hyper-Lite!

Ray Conrad

Posted on September 29 2021

Introducing Viper Hyper-Lite!

If you’re hunting at night, whether it’s raccoons or something else, you’re going to need a good coon hunting light. While you’re trekking through the woods, you’ll likely be carrying a pack, guns, other equipment, and possibly even leading dogs.

With your hands already full, trying to carry a light is almost impossible. That’s why it’s imperative that you have a LED headlamp or belt if you prefer. Not only will this help you make accurate shots in the dark, but it also prevents you from tripping over brush and getting hurt.

The new Viper Hyper-Lite is the best hunting light on the market and will make all the difference.

Viper Hyper-Lite

Bright Eyes Lights’ new 2021 Viper Hyper-Lite is the only coon hunting light you’ll ever need. It’s packed with all the essential features to make your trip a success. Let’s take a look.

Two Models

Whether you’re a “get-in and get-out” kind of hunter or like to take your time and enjoy the hunt, there’s a Viper Hyper-Lite model for you. You can choose between the base model or the XL, which comes with a larger battery pack. For the most part, the two models are the same, but you’ll get a longer burn time with the XL. We’ll talk about that more when we cover those features.

Main Beam

The main beam on both the Viper Hyper-Lite and the XL is the absolute brightest on the market, giving you the power you need to spot your prey. There’s nothing on the market that even approaches this level! When you’re walking through the woods at night, you’re going to need this level of brightness to spot coons hiding in the trees. The main beam on the Viper Hyper-Lite models will allow you to spot your target from longer distances, giving you the advantage you need to bag your prey.

Walk Lights

The walk lights on the Viper Hyper-Lites are larger than any others on the market. They’re also four times brighter than our previous models and any other competition out there. When you’re trekking through the forest, these incredible walk lights allow you to see exactly where you’re putting your feet. No more worrying about tripping over rocks or twisting your ankle in the middle of a hunt.

Red Lights

The Viper Hyper-Lite also has the brightest red lights on the market. Even with the most brilliant red lights around, you’re not likely to spook your prey. And, since these lights won’t affect your night vision and put less strain on your eyes, you’ll be able to use these to stay focused and hunt longer.

Green Laser Light

The high-intensity green laser on the Viper Hyper-Lite series is also the brightest laser you’ll find with night trace technology. This light will provide better contrast and allow you to discern more detail. With the power that’s packed into this light, you’ll be able to see clearer and further than any of your hunting buddies. Unless, of course, they’re using a Viper Hyper-Lite too!

Burn Time

The last thing you want is for your light to die in the middle of a hunt. You also don’t want to have to carry extra batteries for a light or a big and uncomfortable battery pack. Fortunately for you, the Viper Hyper-Lite has more than enough burn time to get you through a typical hunt. It can last four to five hours wide open and up to 150 hours on the lowest setting!

Now, imagine getting nine to ten hours of burn time on the highest setting. With the Viper Hyper-Lite XL, you can. It comes with a larger battery pack and can roughly double the burn time of the base model. It’s the longest burning light on the market, with up to 250 hours on the lowest setting. With that much built-in battery life, you’ll be the envy of all your friends.


Some coon light controls can be pretty confusing, which can cause you to flip to the wrong one and delay your movements. Not a problem with the Viper Hyper-Lite series. These controls are completely straightforward and intuitive. You’ll move the switch forward on the battery pack for the main beam and backward for walk lights. The red light switch is on the right of the light, and the green is on the left side.


LED hunting lights can get pretty heavy, especially when you’re wearing them on a helmet. That’s why we’ve made the Viper Hyper-Lite models as lightweight as possible. They’re lighter than the majority of hunting lights on the market and won’t wear you down when you’re on the hunt.

The Viper Hyper-Lite weighs 17 to 21 ounces, depending on the helmet you choose. The XL comes in a little higher with its larger battery pack, weighing 20 to 24 ounces. Again this varies based on the helmet you choose. Either way, you’ll be able to save some energy and enjoy your hunt since you won’t be lugging around as much weight.

Helmet & Belt Options

The Viper Hyper-Lite and XL both come in a variety of options. Our bump cap is the most popular, but you can also choose from a hybrid cap or a soft cap with no liner. We also offer a belt and clip for those that don’t like to use a helmet.


These LED hunting lights are rechargeable and come with a charger. It’s simple to use. A red light means it’s charging, and a green means it’s fully charged. Charge time varies, but on average, it takes about 8-12 hours to charge a completely dead battery. You can charge as often as you like without worrying about damaging the battery, which is a huge upgrade from those hunting lights you have to baby and worry about when to charge.


Bright Eyes Lights is owned and operated out of the United States. We’re strong patriots and love our country and its citizens. That’s why we offer a generous warranty on our lights. You’ll get a two-year warranty for defects in material and workmanship. You’ll also get a lifetime labor warranty. If you have any questions, customer service is top-notch, and you’ll likely be speaking to me (Ray Conrad) if you call in.

A good coon hunting light plays a vital role in making your raccoon hunting a successful and exciting experience. The Viper Hyper-Lite & XL are top-of-the-line coon hunting lights that will provide you with upgraded features and everything you’ll need to bag your prey.

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