Best Lights for Coon Hunting

Ray Conrad

Posted on November 29 2021

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Raccoon hunting requires a good amount of specialized equipment, mostly because you’ll be hunting at night. You’ll be carrying lots of equipment along with you and leading your dogs, so it's essential to have a hands-free light source to safely guide you.

Coon hunting lights usually come on a headlamp or a belt and will help you spot your prey, take accurate shots, and light up your walkway. A good coon hunting light can make all the difference between a successful trip and a flop.

So what features should you look for to get the best light for coon hunting?

Features of a Good Coon Hunting Light

There are a variety of different types of hunting lights on the market. When you’re shopping around, there are a few things you should consider.

Main Beam

If you’re hunting coons, typically, you’ll be doing it in dark conditions and places with many trees. Raccoons love to hide in trees and can be difficult to spot. That’s why it’s incredibly important to have a high-intensity main beam.

Raccoons are scared of humans and will do everything they can to get away from them, this is where your dogs and main beam come in to help. If you end up with a light with a weaker beam, you’ll have a difficult time spotting your coon after your dogs have cornered it to a tree. So it’s essential that you have a powerful enough beam to easily spot the coon before it musters up enough courage to move.

Walk Lights

You’re going to need bright walk lights to help you find your way through the woods. The last thing you want is to be constantly tripping over rocks or to lose your footing. Walk lights need to be bright enough to illuminate your surroundings so you can make your way through them without risking an injury.


Red Lights

Many hunters swear by red lights for hunting. That’s because they put the least amount of strain on your eyes and affect your night vision the least. This allows you to stay focused and hunt longer. Red lights are also great because they’re the least likely to spook animals and can even sometimes have a calming effect on them.

Green Lights

On the other hand, green lights are more likely to spook animals, such as deer. Fortunately, raccoons, coyotes, and pigs are not easily spooked by this color. The benefit of using the green laser is that it provides better contrast and allows you to discern more detail. The laser also can be seen for further distances than red lights. This is what makes green lasers so effective for pointing out coons or lining up shots.

Battery Life

This is probably the most important aspect of whichever coon hunting light you choose. Nothing will cut your trip short like a dead light. You can’t hunt when you can’t see.


Carrying around extra batteries or an extra battery pack isn’t a great solution. Remember, you’re already going to be carrying a lot of equipment, so that added weight and storage space can be burdensome. Make sure whatever light you choose has enough life to last through an average hunt length.


LED hunting lights can get pretty heavy, especially when they’re mounted on a helmet. Not only will you be lugging this weight around for your entire hunt, but you’ll be doing so on your head. This will wear you down quickly, which can lead to an ineffective trip. Search for a lightweight light, so you can save energy and enjoy the hunt.

Best Coon Hunting Lights

A good coon hunting light is essential to the success of your trip. Losing your light source or having weak lights that don’t allow you to see well enough will kill your hunt. There are plenty of lights on the market these days, but the best and the brightest belong to Bright Eyes Lights.

We constantly strive to improve and upgrade our products to provide the best lights for our customers. Our latest models, the Viper Hyper-Lite & XL, were designed with all the upgraded features that you could want. With the brightest lights and longest burn times on the market, you’ll have everything you need to conquer your prey.

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