Coon Hunting Supply Basics

Ray Conrad

Posted on November 10 2021

Coon Hunting Supply Basics

If you’re new to coon hunting, you’re going to need some gear to get you started. Even if you’re a seasoned hunter for other types of game, you’re going to need specialized equipment due to the nature of the hunt and raccoons’ nocturnal lifestyle.

While you can make do with cheaper or basic supplies, it pays to invest in good gear. Not only will it make your life easier, but it’ll also last you through multiple seasons. So what exactly do you need to get started? Let’s take a look.


Hunting Boots

A good pair of hunting boots is essential to your trip. Sore and uncomfortable feet could easily cut your hunt short.

Coon hunting boots need to be waterproof. Most of the time, you’ll be marching through foggy, marshy conditions and possibly crossing water. The last thing you want is soggy socks and cold, wet feet. Invest in rubber boots that’ll keep the water out and leave your feet warm and dry.

Trekking through the forest, you’re also likely making your way through thick brush and briar. Briar-proof chaps will protect your legs from stickers and scratches. Depending on how thick and durable the chaps are, you’ll also have some protection from snake bites if you happen to cross paths with one.

Bright Eyes Brushbusters offer all the protection you’ll need when it comes time to hunt.


Dog Tracker

If you’re using coonhounds, you’ll need to know where they are. It’s easy to lose sight of them when they’re on the trail, especially if you have more than one.

You’ve got a few choices when it comes to tracking collars and GPS tracking systems, so choose one that works best for your situation and setup.

If you have multiple dogs, you’ll need something that can track all of them at once. You should also be able to measure each animal’s speed, direction, and distance. Some devices will even notify you when your dog is “treed.”

Many trackers offer training programs, which will help you to control and train your hounds. This may be especially important for beginners, but it’s also a nice feature if you get new dogs at some point.

GPS tracking often has topographic maps, so you’ll know what kind of terrain to expect up ahead. Of course, you can go with a basic model if you want to stick to a budget, but the upgrade may be worth it if you plan to use it a lot.

Bright Eyes Lights offers a few different tracking systems, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs.


Coon Hunting Light

Since coon hunting takes place at night, you’re going to need a light if you want to see anything. Coon hunting lights come in different forms, from flashlights to headlamps.

A headlamp is an excellent choice because it’ll leave your hands free for. Belt lights work just fine, too. Although you can use a flashlight, you’re likely going to appreciate a hands-free option.

You’ll need a light with a main beam that’s bright enough to spot raccoons hiding in the trees. Since you’re hiking through the woods at night, you’ll also need walk lights so you can see where you’re going.

When hunting raccoons, it’s nice to have red or green LEDs for optimum visibility. Red lights won’t hurt your night vision, and they won’t spook your prey. Green lights offer better contrast and night visibility.

Bright Eyes Lights’ Viper Hyper-Lite is the best coon hunting light on the market, featuring brighter lights and longer battery life than anything else you can find.


Hunting Vest or Coat

Just like your hunting boots, you’re going to want some protection from briar and brush for your upper half. A hunting vest or coat is the perfect solution.

A vest is more versatile, especially if you choose one with an adjustable fit. It’s breathable and cool for warmer weather but can also be worn over a coat in the winter. Whichever you choose, you’ll want something durable and briar-proof.

Vests and coats also offer storage solutions, and the Bright Eyes Brushbuster Vest has dedicated pockets for your GPS and cell phone. It also has extra pockets to carry other accessories. You can easily clip on a game bag, too.



Since raccoons are pretty small, a scoped rifle makes it easy to spot and shoot them as well as helps your shot accuracy. Between your .22 and your dogs, it shouldn’t be a problem to take down your target. Plus, you’ll save money on the ever-increasing prices of handgun ammo.


Coon Squaller

A good coon squaller is another great tool to have on the hunt. It mimics the sound of a male raccoon in distress, which lures out defensive raccoons. Drawing them out from their dens puts them in a more advantageous position, making it much easier to get that kill shot. Also, when a raccoon hears the squaller, it’ll look towards the sound, giving you a clear line of sight to their eyes.

No matter what gear you choose, make sure you check everything before a hunt to ensure it’s in good condition and ready to go. The last thing you want is to get out there and realize something isn’t working, or worse, you forgot something important.

Bright Eyes Lights specializes in coon hunting equipment that’s built to last. All our products are top quality and will help you have a successful hunt.

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