Bright Eyes Brushbusters - High-Quality Hunting Boots

Ray Conrad

Posted on October 04 2021

Bright Eyes Brushbusters - High-Quality Hunting Boots

If you’re a hunter, especially a coon hunter, you know how important it is to have a quality pair of hunting boots. You may be able to compromise a little when it comes to some of your equipment, but you should never compromise on your footwear. Uncomfortable or inappropriate boots can easily cause you to cut your trip short.

Of course, the type of boots you’ll need varies based on the type of animal you’re after and the terrain where you’ll be hunting.

Bright Eyes Brushbusters are high-quality hunting boots geared towards the types of conditions coon hunters face but are also an excellent option for other types of hunts.


Bright Eyes Brushbusters

Bright Eyes teamed up with Yoder to bring you the best quality coon hunting boots on the market. The chaps are handmade right here in the United States, and the boots are assembled here as well. These boots are guaranteed to impress you and all your hunting buddies. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.


Brushbuster Chaps

The chaps on these boots are exceptional. The inner lining is 400 denier nylon and 100% waterproof. When you’re trudging through wet and muddy terrain, your feet and legs will stay warm and dry. You don’t have to worry about leaks like you would with some other brands. If you’ve ever ended up with soggy socks and feet after a hunt, you know how important staying dry is.

The outer layer is 1600 denier ballistic nylon that’s so tough it’s practically impenetrable. We all know that raccoons are feisty animals that will bite when threatened. While this is pretty rare, with these chaps protecting your legs, you won’t have to worry about getting scars, rabies, or other diseases that these trash diggers may carry. Most importantly is that these chaps will protect your legs and clothes when you’re trekking through briars and thick brush. No more tearing holes in your pants or scratching up your legs.

These chaps are also great for hunting in areas with snakes. We all know accidental encounters can happen. With these chaps, you’ll be prepared. While we can’t guarantee that a snake won’t be able to bite through these, the exterior is so solid and durable that it’s doubtful. Let’s just say that if you do manage to get a snake bite through these, it was meant to be.


Brushbuster Boots

The Bright Eyes Brushbuster boots come in three different styles to meet all your hunting needs.

Cougar Boots

The Cougar boot is our personal favorite. It’s the most lightweight option, which is great for hunters that spend a lot of time out in the wild. When you’re carrying a heavy pack and possibly having to run through the woods, anything that lessens the load is a blessing.

They’re made of very flexible rubber. While some boots stiffen up as it gets colder, these boots maintain their flexibility, allowing your foot to move freely.

The Cougar boots are highly durable with a tough rubber outsole and reinforced toe cap. These features allow you to move quickly and still maintain your stability over rough terrain.

We all know that comfort reigns supreme, which is why these boots have a gel insole for maximum support. Blisters and chafing will be a thing of the past for you, although if your friends aren’t wearing these, you may have to listen to them complain about these issues.

Stealth Boots

These boots offer all the same outstanding features as the Cougar boots. However, since coon hunting often occurs in the winter, these boots provide added insulation to keep your feet warm. They’re geared towards colder weather and are designed to be comfortable in temperatures between -20° to 80° F.

As the name states, the Stealth boots also offer a camouflage print option. Whether you think this is necessary or just like the look is up to you.

Dryshod Boots

The Dryshod boots also offer most of the same features as the other boots. However, they fit men with larger legs better than the others. We know the frustration that comes from trying to get tight boots on your feet. That’s why the top of the inner lining of these boots flexes, making them much easier to pull on while still giving you the proper fit.

They also contain an insulated bootie to keep your feet warm and protected in colder climates and have a breathable air mesh lining to keep them from overheating when it gets warm.

The genuine rubber overlays offer added durability, and the sole provides better traction in rugged, rocky terrain.

No matter which boot you choose, you’ll get the best chap in the industry and a high-quality hunting boot. If you’re ready to become the envy of all your hunting buddies, check out the Bright Eyes Brushbuster hunting boots.

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