Viper Hyper-Lite Product Highlights

Ray Conrad

Posted on October 20 2021

Viper Hyper-Lite Product Highlights

One of the most important pieces of equipment a coon hunter needs is a good hunting light. It helps you see when hiking through the wilderness, while also allowing you to spot your prey and take your shot.

Whether you choose to use a headlamp or a belt lamp, this light needs to be hands-free to allow you to carry your other gear. The reviews are in, and the Bright Eyes Viper Hyper-Lite can accomplish all this, plus more! You can read all about the Viper here, but let’s take a look at what the customers are saying about their favorite features.



The Viper’s main beam and walk lights are getting a lot of attention. While it’s easy for Bright Eyes to say that they’re the brightest on the market, you never know if that’s actually true. But Viper owners can confirm it!

Many customers are saying that the Viper is above any other light on the market. In fact, customer Daniel said, “This is a game changer for me. This is the brightest light for me.” He goes on to say that he’s tried several different lights, and the Viper’s brightness exceeds them all.

Another customer, Nick, commented that he really loved his new light. He said, “There is a night and day difference between the viper and the old light I had.”

One of the Viper’s predecessors, the Reaper, was reviewed by customer Ron. He mentioned that the walk lights were so bright that others he went hunting with would turn theirs off and just use his instead. Another customer named Josh talked about his new Viper and said, “Glad I got mine yesterday, a big upgrade from the reaper.” If that’s the case, it’s evident that the Viper’s walk lights must be pretty amazing!


Burn Time

Obviously, the brightness of a light is one of the most essential features, but burn time was the next most talked about topic by happy customers.

The Viper Hyper-Lite XL has a 10 hour burn time on the brightest setting! This is twice as long as the regular Viper Hyper-Lite and any other light on the market. When the Viper XL was introduced to customers, one of them responded, “10 hours bright burn time, who could resist?”

Another customer, Brad, said, “That ten hours burn time will be awesome.” He continued on about exactly how he’d use that much burn time on the brightest position and that it would save him from having to charge his light every night.



If you’re going to buy a hunting light, you want to know that it’s built to last, with top-of-the-line features and upgrades. The Viper Hyper-Lite exceeds most people’s expectations in that department.

One owner said that Bright Eyes’ lights will be the only kind they’ll ever have on their head when they’re hunting. Pleased customer Chris said, “Bright Eyes Lights keeps innovating and engineering the best lights on the market while keeping the prices down!” He mentions what a great company they are and how much he loves that they’re patriotic.

Paul, another huge fan and owner of the Viper, said, “[The company] has done so much research on these lights that it’s almost not even fair to the other guys.” He continued on to say that, “It’s like they’re playing checkers and he’s playing chess.” You can’t get a better compliment than that!


Customer Service

When you start reading reviews on the Viper or even just Bright Eyes Lights in general, you’re going to find a lot of people talking about the customer service.

All Bright Eyes Lights customers are provided with a friendly and welcoming purchasing experience, treating them all with the utmost respect.

Shannon talked about her new light and said she was very impressed with how bright it was, “but most of all [Conrad’s] attitude and the way he talked to me like we have been friends forever” is the reason why she was so happy with her purchase. She said that it made a huge difference and that she’d highly recommend the company.

Not only that, but if you have any problems or need any repairs, Bright Eyes is quick to take care of it for you. Bill describes having an issue with one of his lights and sending it in for repairs. He said, “I was shocked they were able to get it done so quickly. Totally exceeded my expectations.”

The top-notch, friendly, and helpful customer service is the most recurring theme if you scroll through Bright Eyes’ reviews. When you’re looking for any product, whether it’s a hunting light or something else, this stands out and helps you feel confident that you’re purchasing from the right company. The Viper Hyper-Lite is hands down the best coon hunting light on the market. If you’re ready to make the upgrade, check out the Bright Eyes Lights website or call them at (803) 328-9736.

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