Testimonial by Melvin Odom

Ray Conrad

Posted on May 16 2022

Testimonial by Melvin Odom

Melvin is one of our customers from McDowell, West Virginia. We sat down with him recently to learn a little bit about him and his experience with Bright Eyes Lights and our products. Here’s what he had to say:

When and why did you get into coon hunting? 

Coon hunting has been a family activity my entire life - I just wanted to keep the tradition going and now it’s one of my favorite things to do. 

What is one of your favorite memories hunting coons? 

My first coon hunting trip when my Dad and I “treed” our first raccoon together. 

What Bright Eyes product do you own?

I own the Viper Light. 

What has your experience been like with Bright Eyes Lights while coon hunting? 

My experience has been very good and has provided great results for me when I go coon hunting. 

What made you choose, or stick with, Bright Eyes Lights over competitors? 

Bright Eyes Lights has the best and brightest lights in the market. I can trust that any product I’ll get from them will be bright and good quality.  

Why would you recommend Bright Eyes Lights to your coon hunting friends? 

The owner of Bright Eyes Lights, Ray Conrad,  is helpful and I can trust that he and everyone over at Bright Eyes Lights can help me with the questions that I have. 

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