Testimonial from Mike Z.

Ray Conrad

Posted on May 16 2022

Testimonial from Mike Z.

Mike is one of our customers from Otsego County, New York. We asked him a couple questions about his experience and success with Bright Eyes Lights. This is what Mike had to say:

When did you get into coon hunting? 

I really started to get into coon hunting about two years ago in 2020. 

What is one of your favorite coon hunting memories? 

This year, my dogs "treed" a raccoon in an abandoned, half demolished farmhouse and I had to go climb in over the debris and get them. It was a pain.

What Bright Eyes Lights Product do you own & use?

I own the Hot Shot Light, it is super bright and dependable for all the times I’m out hunting in the dark. 

What has your experience been like with Bright Eyes Lights products while coon hunting? 

Great battery life and powerful for a small lightweight light. I also use it while I am handling my blood tracking dog - we are a volunteer team that helps hunters when they are unable to recover their deer. Having a powerful, reliable, and long-lasting light is a must since we track very often in the dark. 

What made you choose, or stick with, Bright Eyes Lights over competitors?

There are a lot of great size options on their website which I like, their costs are low for the great quality of the products they have, and the company itself has a great reputation. 3

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