Testimonial from Bobby Gathright

Ray Conrad

Posted on April 04 2022

Testimonial from Bobby Gathright

As someone who’s been coon hunting for over fifty years, I’m always looking for the best gear to make my hunt successful. Living in Jacksboro, Texas, I’ve spent plenty of time out in the woods, and when it comes to coon hunting lights, I’ll never use anything other than one from Bright Eyes Lights.

I grew up in a coon hunting family. My grandfather, dad, and uncles were all coon hunters, and they taught me everything I know. What I’ve learned through the years is that hunting doesn’t always go as planned, so it pays to be prepared. I still have vivid memories of the time I got stuck in the mud or the times I got lost.

These memories are one of the reasons that I love Bright Eyes Lights’ products. These lights make it easy to see exactly where I’m stepping and where I’m going, so I can avoid the mud, tripping over debris, and keep my bearings.

I’ve used other competitors’ products in the past, but none are as bright as the lights you get from Bright Eyes Lights. I’ve owned several of their lights over the years, including the Reaper, Reaper Double Death, and the Fusion Micro. Recently, I just got their latest and greatest, the Viper Hyper-lite XL.

As I’ve gotten older, having bright walk lights has gotten even more important, and that’s what you get with the Viper XL. In fact, they’re brighter than any of my previous lights, including the ones I’ve gotten from Bright Eyes Lights. The red light and the burn time on this light are simply the best. The Viper XL has the longest burn time on the market, with 9-10 hours on the brightest position and 250 hours on the lowest.

I’ll only buy Bright Eyes Lights for myself, and I’ve bought several for friends of mine, too. In my opinion, they’ve got the best coon hunting lights in the business! Not only are their lights great, but they also offer top-notch customer service.

If anyone is looking for the best coon hunting light on the market, I’d recommend they check out Bright Eyes Lights!

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