Testimonial from Charles Kizer

Ray Conrad

Posted on April 04 2022

Testimonial from Charles Kizer

Recently, I talked with one of our customers, Charles Kizer from Bamberg, South Carolina, to find out his thoughts and experiences with Bright Eyes Lights. To say that he’s happy with our products is an understatement! Take a look at the interview below.

When and why did you get into coon hunting?

My dad took me coon hunting for the very first time when I was seven years old. That was twenty-nine years ago and I still remember the excitement of the hunt. Hearing the dogs trail the coons, walking through various terrain, and seeing their coon treed! I really enjoyed all of it.

What is one of your favorite coon hunting memories?

My most memorable hunt was when I was only nine years old. Back then we had those heavy battery lights - glad those days are gone! Haha! Anyone, on this particular hunting trip, I was the first one to spot the treed coon. This was the first time that I had the opportunity to shoot the coon out of the tree with one shot!

What Bright Eyes Lights products do you own?

Right now I just have the Bright Eyes Fuzion Hybrid and I absolutely love it! It’s comfortable and lightweight, especially compared to what we used when I was a kid. Plus, the lighting features are immaculate.

What has your experience been like with Bright Eyes Lights products while coon hunting?

I’ve had the best experience with my Bright Eyes Fuzion Hybrid. It is, without question, the best hunting light on the market. The walking light on this is top-notch, and thanks to the stellar red light, I have yet to miss a coon! My hunting buddies have all been super impressed, and I’ve convinced three of my friends to purchase one themselves.

What is your favorite thing about Bright Eyes Lights as a company?

It’s very obvious that Bright Eyes Lights values its customers. Their customer service is very friendly and one of the best I’ve experienced. They even sent me a few shirts when I wrote them to request gear for marketing purposes!

What made you choose, or stick with, Bright Eyes Lights over competitors?

I have a hunting buddy who purchased a light from Bright Eyes Lights about a year ago. The first time we went out hunting together, I fell in love with his light. I told myself that as soon as I could afford it, I’d be purchasing one for my next light. It’s the brightest and the best, with great burn time, so I’ll never return to the competition.

Why would you recommend Bright Eyes Lights to your coon hunting friends?

Friendly customer service and the best lights on the market. What wouldn’t I recommend about these lights? I already got some of my friends to buy one for themselves and I keep encouraging everyone else to purchase one too through my social media platforms.

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