Brushbuster Boots Product Highlights

Ray Conrad

Posted on October 29 2021

"Bright Eyes Lights" and a racoon drawing

Every hunter knows that a quality pair of hunting boots can make or break a hunt. It’s hard to concentrate or trek through the woods when your feet are wet, soggy, or just plain uncomfortable.

If you’re a coon hunter, you’re going to need boots that are waterproof with chaps that’ll protect your legs from thick brush, briars, and possibly bites. After hundreds of purchases, the Brushbuster Boots’ owners will attest to the fact that these boots are just what you need. Let’s check out what customers love about these boots.


Fit & Comfort

Comfortable boots that fit well are of the utmost importance. It’s almost impossible to know how boots or shoes of any kind will feel without trying them on and wearing them around for a bit. Hearing from customers who already own a pair can really help.

Many customers commented on the sizing and fit of the Brushbuster Boots. Fortunately, they come in a wide range of sizes from seven up to fourteen! Not only that, but they’re great for women, too. Customer Corey said, “The boots I bought for my wife fit perfectly.” He also thanked Bright Eyes for their help.

Happy customer Jacob also said, “I got the Cougars with the chaps. They’re super light, they fit great, and they wear good.” He said that “if you don’t have a pair, I highly recommend you get some.” Many other customers agreed that these boots fit just as they expected.



If you’re coon hunting or hunting in an area known for snakes, you’ll need some chaps to protect your legs.

When these boots were introduced, many customers asked how they held up to snakes. While Bright Eyes Lights can’t make the claim that they’re snakeproof, it is pretty tough to bite through the chaps on the Brushbuster Boots.

Customer Paul mentioned that he’d just moved to snake country and needed some new boots. He said, “A pair of these will be on my Christmas list!” Another customer, Brian, said, “Got to get these boots!”

Of course, these are just customers who can’t wait to purchase the Brushbuster Boots. What are the actual owners saying about them?

Well, owner Jacob told fellow hunters, “the chaps are awesome.” He’s the same customer who raved about the fit and comfort, too, so he’s made it clear that he’s ecstatic about his purchase.



If you take care of your hunting boots, they should be durable enough to last for quite a long time. The Brushbuster Boots are made with a tough but flexible rubber that’s built to withstand the elements.

The chaps are exceptional. They have an inner lining that’s 400 denier nylon and 100% waterproof. The outer layer is 1600 denier ballistic nylon, which is tough and durable.

Happy customer Jason said these were the “best hip boot on the market.” He went on to say that he’d highly recommend them to anyone that needed hunting boots with chaps. Another customer, Keith, kept his thoughts on the boots simple and just said, “They’re great!”


Customer Service

Bright Eyes Lights is known for its top-notch customer service. If you read any of their reviews, whether they’re focused on the Brushbuster Boots or the company in general, you’ll find that many customers value this over anything else.

The company focuses on creating a warm and friendly environment and experience for its customers. Bright Eyes Lights respects its customers and has a lot of experience in the coon hunting field, so they can answer any questions that you may have.

Pleased customer Corey said, “Thank you very much for your service at Oaks,” which is the UKC event where he bought the Brushbuster Boots. Another customer, Shannon, met owner Ray Conrad at an event and said that “his attitude and the way he talked to me like we have been friends forever” made a huge difference to her.

If you scroll through Bright Eyes Lights’ reviews, the helpful and friendly customer service is talked about more than anything else. With these kinds of reviews, you can feel confident that the company makes quality products and is one you can trust.

The Brushbuster Boots come in a couple of different styles and are the best on the market. Check out the Bright Eyes Lights website for more details or call them at (803) 328-9736.

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