Taking Care of Your Coon Hunting Boots

Ray Conrad

Posted on October 31 2021

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A quality pair of coon hunting boots is imperative when you’re out in the woods. Not only do they keep your feet comfortable and dry, but they also protect your legs from briars and brush, allowing you to move quickly when you’re chasing your prey.

Good hunting boots will cost almost double regular boots or shoes, so it pays to take care of them. Taking care of your boots is the only way to ensure they’ll stay in good condition, so they’re ready to go when it’s time to hunt.

How do you take care of coon hunting boots? That depends on the pair you own, but let’s take a look at what you can do to keep your Bright Eyes Brushbuster Boots in pristine condition.


Keep Them Clean & Dry

Dirt and mud come with the territory when you’re coon hunting. You may be tempted to leave it on your boots and not worry about cleaning them since they’re just going to get dirty again the next time you go out.

However, this is a mistake. Caked on mud and dirt can damage the rubber over time, so it’s best to clean them after each hunt. You can use a mild soap and a wet rag or sponge to clean your rubber boots.

If you’re worried about removing scent from your boots, sprinkle baking soda on the outside and scrub them. You should also sprinkle some baking soda inside your boots to remove odor. You can leave this in there or wipe it out gently.


Rubber Conditioning

Rubber is a pretty durable material, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t get damaged. In fact, the sun can cause fading or cracking in the rubber of your boots.

The best thing you can do for your Brushbusters is use a rubber conditioner. Apply it liberally all over your clean, dry boots with a soft cloth. Wipe away any of the excess and leave them to dry overnight.

You should do this after frequent use as well as during the off-season. Once every couple of months will keep your boots in the best condition.


Check Chaps

Your chaps don’t need a lot of maintenance, but it’s a good idea to check the seams and stitching for holes every once in a while. This ensures that your boots stay waterproof. The last thing you want is to be out on a hunt and find out that your waterproofing isn’t holding up.

Fortunately, the Brushbusters are high-quality, so it’s unlikely that you’ll have any problems. However, there’s always a chance you could damage the chaps when you’re out in the woods, so it’s best to double-check every so often just to be safe.


Proper Storage

A lot of hunters like to leave their hunting boots in the garage, but this could be a mistake. Rubber shrinks and expands with temperature changes, which could lead to cracking or damage.

You can avoid this by keeping them in a cool, dry place when you’re not wearing them, such as a basement or closet.

It’s also best to store them upright or hanging upside down rather than folding them over. Leaving them folded over for long periods of time can damage the rubber.

If you do end up storing your boots in the garage or a basement, check for spiders before you put them on again. This is another great reason to keep them in a closet out of the way, where it’s less likely that you’ll get any unexpected pests thinking your boots are a great place to hang out.

Taking care of your coon hunting boots can save you a lot of headaches in the future. If you’re maintaining and caring for them, you won’t have to replace them nearly as often as you usually would. Bright Eyes Brushbuster boots offer quality that’ll last for years to come with the proper care.

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